Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cuts and Bruises

Earlier tonight my friends and I went to Bebek Garang (Skie's paying) and the Barcode Pool at Dago Plaza. On the way back to kampus--I don't know how it started--we talked about gore stuff.

I love gore. I could watch gore movies while I'm eating without throwing up. Please note the underlined word. I only love it in movies, or in other word, fake gore.

Real gore is an entirely different story.

On my early days of using the internet, my friends and I used to go to Rotten.com (let's admit it, all of us did). Oh, see, just mentioning the name of that site made me sick a bit. The pictures was so graphic I can still remember some of em until now.

A few years later I was still thinking that being scared by disturbing pictures is for pussy. So I decided to face my fear by.... by watching disturbing videos from ogrish.com. Seriously: beheadings, mutilations, automotive accidents, suicides, 3 guys 1 hammer, 2 girls 1 cup (this one is also disturbing), etc. I kept doing it for about a week until I finally gave up and became so fucking fucked for another 8 weeks. Instead of turning into an awesome person who would not even clinch when seeing bloodshed, I became so paranoid about death until this very moment.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not afraid with the afterlife (I'm pretty confident about my agnosticism), I'm just scared by the event of dying itself. How am I gonna die? Peacefully in my sleep or gruesomely on a freak accident? Or maybe got tortured first SAW style? And most importantly, will it hurt? Argh.

Wait, why am I talking about gore? Oh, yeah, I just had a tiny accident this midnight.

So, after we arrived at campus from tonight trip, I went home by myself. My bike's tank was almost empty so I filled it up at the SPBU in Bojongsoang. Then I rode my bike like a motherfucker (this Cirebonese friend of mine had changed my driving habit, really). But I got a rule: no matter how fast I go, I always drive carefully. I don't take too much risk on the road because....let's get back to the previous paragraph....I've watched so many motorbikes accidents and they made me so paranoid on the road. The thought of falling down from my bike AND getting my body/head/arms/legs crushed by a moving car has prevented me from being one of those stupid bikers. I did some stupid things in the past (like last year when I went through a red light and almost hit by a taxi, luckily I pressed the brake on time and I--we-- fell because the road was wet. Indri got some bruises at that time, but at least we're not hit by the taxi) but that is all, I'll never do stupid manoeuvers or stuff like that. Because I believe that "bravery" and stupidity is only separated by a very thin line.

Anyway, back to tonight. Just after the Buah Batu - Sukarno Hatta intersection there was a van in front of me moving fast, but not faster than me. So I was going to overtake it from the right when the van suddenly turned right to do a U-turn. I tried to slow down but it was just too late. We hit each other at about 45 degree. At that split second before I hit the asphalt all I could think about was "Oh fuck the front right van wheel is gonna crunch my legs/arms". But luckily the van stopped and I was just sitting there on the cold road, staring at the van driver's window.

They aided me and my bike to the curb. We talked a bit. The front right part of the car was a wee bit dented. My bike's step was bent upward, the steer was deflected to the left, and I think I forgot to close my tank's lid firmly on the SPBU, so more than half of the fuel spilled out to the road. There are also some scratches on my bike (the left turning light, the paint on the left side, the backlight). My arms and legs got some cuts and bruises, which I couldn't feel at the time. See, the best thing about adrenaline is that it makes you temporarily invincible. It was only a half hour later that I could feel some pinches on my arms and legs. And then I just realized that my left knee also bleed. And in the morning my arms and legs were really sore, but..

..meh. I've still got my legs intact, that made me more than happy. I know I overreacted, but man, I'm really paranoid about the road.

But the best thing is the van guys gave me Rp 50.000 to fix my motorbike. I already planned on putting a new set of body stickers for my bike since a month ago anyway, so the body scratches were not a big deal. The damaged plastic film on my lights will only cost me around 10.000, max. I can fix the deflected step and steer myself at home. And I filled up my tank again for 10.000. So I've got a surplus of 30.000. Heh. Easy money. Getting money from stranger for a little inconvenience, that doesn't make me a prostitute does it?

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