Saturday, February 19, 2011

Perubahan Rencana Study and Other Changes

Three changes I've done today:

1. I've just successfully done the PRS (Perubahan Rencana Study), which, ironically, won't change the way I study whatsoever. For those who don't know me, I don't study for my courses. I only memorize for the exams. If you see me studying about my course subjects, it means my parents are pointing a gun at my head. Or, more likely, I was just studying something else that has nothing to do with my courses, something that I'm really interested in, like programming in Android, or scrabble, or how to open porn sites after Tiffatul "Moron" Sembiring blocked most of them.

2. I dual-booted my laptop with Windows 7 and Ubuntu. YEAAH. And why exactly is this important? Because this will be the return of my passion about computers. The real computers. For long I've been hypnotized by the internet and its blogs and forums and memes and porns. I'm through with those shits. I wanna repent. I wanna break my computer by trial and error again. I wanna learn how to hack again. I wanna be so curious to every fucking thing like I used to be 9 years ago, that is, before I moved to Melbourne and started to fap daily and forgot everything else.

3. I'm putting Google Ad-Sense to this blog. Yeah whatever. It's not that I'm so desperate for money. Like they say, money is not that important. I'm desperate for lots of money. Lots of money is important.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hello World 6.0

So, I have failed to update my blog regularly. Again.

I didn't have the time to write lately. Not that I was always busy or something, but I have been spending more time with my friends, or watching movies, or reading books, or sitting on the loo for hours making a plan about conquering the world.

Maybe I need to write shorter posts. Yea I think I can do that. I dunno, something light. Something that's not a lengthy pretentious bullshit. Like this. See? It's short. I'll try. See you soon.