Saturday, April 30, 2011

Black Saturday

Today is Saturday, yesterday was Friday, the day before yesterday was Thursday, and you get the point: I'm on my lowest point since last month, so low that I'm actually singing Rebecca Black's song in reverse. And I'm listening to Justin Bieber's "U Smile" on repeat since an hour ago in Masjur Room, too. Today has been sucked, hard. Well, relatively, hard.

Firstly, at around 3 am this morning I woke up from a nightmare. That was the first nightmare I've got in months. Literally. No, the dream hadn't got any ghosts or funny shit like that. It's about...nevermind. Damn. I think I'm in..nevermind.

Anyway, since yesterday, I planned to skip this morning's Jarkom Lab Work because I would take the EPrT test (kind of like the light version of TOEFL). But I woke up late (partly because of the aforementioned dream) and... not only I did skip the Jarkom Lab Work, I came to EPrT an hour late, so I decided to ditch that too. That's Rp35.000 wasted on nothing. Fuck. You remember that extra Rp30.000 I got from a van driver after the small accident that happened a few days ago? Gone. Karma is a bitch.

Also happened this morning in my Kapita Selekta class, a caterpillar had somehow landed on my neck. Well, at first I felt a weird tingling sensation from the upper back of my neck. I reached it with my hand and then I realized there's something spongy up there, and it was wet too. So I retracted my hand and asked my friend to see what it was. He said there's a caterpillar on my neck. THERE'S A FUCKING CATERPILLAR. ON MY NECK.

Well, luckily it wasn't the kind of caterpillar that can cause itchiness. It's just a normal caterpillar,, wait, no, there's NO normal caterpillar, all caterpillars came from the deepest level of hell to take over the world.

I wanna say thanks to my friend Bayu who had got the guts to remove it from my neck, using his mobile phone as a stick. He then put the phone on the floor, let the caterpillar loose, and retook his mobile. Without missing a beat, I step on it, instantly killing that motherfucker. To other caterpillars out there, if you can read this, do NOT mess with me, or you'll end up like your friend there, lying flat on Gedung Serba Guna IT Telkom's floor. And I have no mercy for caterpillars. I repeat, I have no mercy for caterpillars.

That's all? Those small problems had made me miserable for the whole day? 

Actually, no. There is one other thing: I'm kinda anticipating something right now. But it's too personal to write it here on my blog. Can you believe that? After all those personal things I wrote here, which basically turned my little life into a self-proclaimed open book, I still have something too personal to be written. Maybe because this particular thing isn't just about me, but also about someone else. 

Aaaahhhh huehauhae. I feel weird today. I can't stop thinking about it.

Alright *slap myself really hard 3 times*

Let's forget about it and write about something else instead. Oh, that story about last night where I went to Dapur Bebek with some friends and talk about the end of the world, that would do, I'll write it on the next post. But my friends and I are gonna play Counter Strike first. I'm gonna write that post after the Counter Strike game, which would be around midnight, or if I'm sleepy, I'm gonna write it tomorrow.

Fuck this post, today is saved by an awesome Counter Strike session. So we played like usual, except that we made a little bet on it. Our rank at the end of each round will determine how many times we have to do pushups/situps (5-30x). This changed the way we play the game. I guess sometimes when something--anything--in our life feels a little bland/flat/boring we just need to spice things up a bit with some motivations, and watching our friends harmlessly suffer is one of the best motivation in the world.

Meh it's 2.45am already, I'm gonna write the next post tomorrow.

Anyway, this post seems stupid. I feel stupid. I've been feeling stupid these past two days. I don't really know why. Or maybe I do know. I just don't wanna admit it. I've been galau with a reason you wouldn't believe. One thing is for sure, I've totally moved on. And I'm really happy about it^^
it's okay to be stupid sometimes, right?

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Holy shit! The latest South Park episode is so fucking outrageous! XD

This first episode for Season 15 poked fun at Apple and The Human Centipede film (in case you haven't seen The Human Centipede, it's about a mad scientist who kidnapped three tourists and sew their mouths to each others' butthole, literally). In this case, the mad scientist is Steve Jobs who is trying to make a new prototype for the next Apple's revolutionary new product: HUMANCENTiPad.

"I remember when the first version of the iPad came out, people couldn't believe how easy it was to take their videos, music, and photos, and all their shits, and share it with other people, who could do the same with all their shits. The only thing the iPad couldn't do was walk or read, until now..."

I don't wanna give too much spoilers, if you have a high speed internet connection you can watch it yourself from the South Park official website:, or else you can download it from any torrent website (Filesharing sites like MediaFire won't do).

I'm amazed how Trey Parker and Matt Stone could still create powerful episodes after more than 14 years making the series. Unfortunately, this could be the last season of South Park. I'm still eagerly waiting for whatever sick satires they still have on their sleeves.

And finally, enjoy your stupid iPad, Apple fanboys.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Bluest Orange

"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love" - Dr.Seuss

April's Shower

Thousands of raindrops smash my skin
Shaping me into a melancholic mush
I stare at the sky, how long has it been?
Please stop, I need to rush

As the Artificial Intelligence awaits
I'm waiting for the sky to close its gate
But time is cruel and it won't wait
Here I am again, a man who's always late

So I give up and go back into my room
Turning my laptop back on
Then I compose this sucky poem
Hoping the rain will soon be done

Suddenly it struck me, stupid
Remember that raincoat we bought when I come to pick you up at the bus station on that rainy day?
Finally something that's better than Cupid
Oh fuck this poem is so gay

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Four things made me go "yay!" today:

1. I learned car driving with my friend today. Yay! Yeah yeah I know a lot of my friends could drive a car when they are 15 or less, but hey, better late than never. I don't know what suddenly gave me the urge to learn it, maybe the little accident last night had made me realize that car is superior than motorbike. It's still a long way to go, but the hardest parts are done (gear, clutch, and gas control). Now I just need to learn to park precisely and then I'll make a car driving license.

2. Google had just replied my complaint about their rejection to my AdSense registration. Before today, I thought the rejection was caused by some racists/hatred posts in this blog, hoho, who am I kidding, they're Google for fuck sake, they are so open minded they won't care about those harmless stuff. The actual cause they told me was a little bit surprising to me: my blog was mostly written in Bahasa Indonesia, and Bahasa Indonesia is not supported by Google AdSense yet, lol. Only after I delete most of my posts that's written in Bahasa Indonesia they'll let me put the AdSense. Meh, not in a million years, mate. So I went to /b/ to find posts about AdSense tips instead. I few minutes later I decided to make a second blog. This second blog will be written completely in English and it will contain stuff that people really care about (unlike this blog which is mostly gibberish). What important stuff? Well, stuff like (copypasta) news, (copypasta) reviews, (copypasta) articles, etc. It's just like Information Retrieval task on my course of study: the mission is to get as much traffic to my blog as possible. And I just knew how to do that. Yay!

3. Dika just sent me an SMS. She wrote: "uji, lupa my nympein psen di bu h****. Bsok dminta nemuin bu H**** ji". Finally I got my first job interview in the last four and a half years yay! Well, it's just an apprenticeship job, but c'mon, a job. If I fail this interview, it's not gonna be a big deal though, because see #2.

4. Last but not least one of my friends just told me that there are magic mushroom in Sawarna Beach (I don't know where exactly Sarwana Beach is, but I know it's a thousand mile closer than Gili Trawangan, where magic mushroom are also sold in public). You see, it's not about mushrooming. I know guys who sell magic mushroom here in Bandung, so if I want to get (legally) trippy I could just contact them. It's about... mushrooming on a beach. Yippe-ki-yay-motherfucker!

Cuts and Bruises

Earlier tonight my friends and I went to Bebek Garang (Skie's paying) and the Barcode Pool at Dago Plaza. On the way back to kampus--I don't know how it started--we talked about gore stuff.

I love gore. I could watch gore movies while I'm eating without throwing up. Please note the underlined word. I only love it in movies, or in other word, fake gore.

Real gore is an entirely different story.

On my early days of using the internet, my friends and I used to go to (let's admit it, all of us did). Oh, see, just mentioning the name of that site made me sick a bit. The pictures was so graphic I can still remember some of em until now.

A few years later I was still thinking that being scared by disturbing pictures is for pussy. So I decided to face my fear by.... by watching disturbing videos from Seriously: beheadings, mutilations, automotive accidents, suicides, 3 guys 1 hammer, 2 girls 1 cup (this one is also disturbing), etc. I kept doing it for about a week until I finally gave up and became so fucking fucked for another 8 weeks. Instead of turning into an awesome person who would not even clinch when seeing bloodshed, I became so paranoid about death until this very moment.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not afraid with the afterlife (I'm pretty confident about my agnosticism), I'm just scared by the event of dying itself. How am I gonna die? Peacefully in my sleep or gruesomely on a freak accident? Or maybe got tortured first SAW style? And most importantly, will it hurt? Argh.

Wait, why am I talking about gore? Oh, yeah, I just had a tiny accident this midnight.

So, after we arrived at campus from tonight trip, I went home by myself. My bike's tank was almost empty so I filled it up at the SPBU in Bojongsoang. Then I rode my bike like a motherfucker (this Cirebonese friend of mine had changed my driving habit, really). But I got a rule: no matter how fast I go, I always drive carefully. I don't take too much risk on the road because....let's get back to the previous paragraph....I've watched so many motorbikes accidents and they made me so paranoid on the road. The thought of falling down from my bike AND getting my body/head/arms/legs crushed by a moving car has prevented me from being one of those stupid bikers. I did some stupid things in the past (like last year when I went through a red light and almost hit by a taxi, luckily I pressed the brake on time and I--we-- fell because the road was wet. Indri got some bruises at that time, but at least we're not hit by the taxi) but that is all, I'll never do stupid manoeuvers or stuff like that. Because I believe that "bravery" and stupidity is only separated by a very thin line.

Anyway, back to tonight. Just after the Buah Batu - Sukarno Hatta intersection there was a van in front of me moving fast, but not faster than me. So I was going to overtake it from the right when the van suddenly turned right to do a U-turn. I tried to slow down but it was just too late. We hit each other at about 45 degree. At that split second before I hit the asphalt all I could think about was "Oh fuck the front right van wheel is gonna crunch my legs/arms". But luckily the van stopped and I was just sitting there on the cold road, staring at the van driver's window.

They aided me and my bike to the curb. We talked a bit. The front right part of the car was a wee bit dented. My bike's step was bent upward, the steer was deflected to the left, and I think I forgot to close my tank's lid firmly on the SPBU, so more than half of the fuel spilled out to the road. There are also some scratches on my bike (the left turning light, the paint on the left side, the backlight). My arms and legs got some cuts and bruises, which I couldn't feel at the time. See, the best thing about adrenaline is that it makes you temporarily invincible. It was only a half hour later that I could feel some pinches on my arms and legs. And then I just realized that my left knee also bleed. And in the morning my arms and legs were really sore, but..

..meh. I've still got my legs intact, that made me more than happy. I know I overreacted, but man, I'm really paranoid about the road.

But the best thing is the van guys gave me Rp 50.000 to fix my motorbike. I already planned on putting a new set of body stickers for my bike since a month ago anyway, so the body scratches were not a big deal. The damaged plastic film on my lights will only cost me around 10.000, max. I can fix the deflected step and steer myself at home. And I filled up my tank again for 10.000. So I've got a surplus of 30.000. Heh. Easy money. Getting money from stranger for a little inconvenience, that doesn't make me a prostitute does it?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Rebounding The Rebound

The night out to Madtari, Braga, and Dapla last Saturday night had almost caused an undesired effect on my future. The night was nothing spectacular, but we went out until 4 am in the morning, which means it had disturbed my newly hard earned sleep pattern. It also means I couldn't get to sleep at the right hour last night, which ultimately made me skip 2 classes this morning. I had already used all my absence allowance for one of these classes, so the fact that I did not come this morning would mean I won't be able to do the End-Term Examination for this particular subject.

The damn butterflies had flapped their wings and tiny winds are building up into a hurricane. I mean seriously, if I have to retake this subject next year I would have to take another additional semester (eleventh semester). That means everything in my later life would be delayed by another 6 months: job, marriage, children, and maybe death (the last one is fine though). I can't let this happen.

I woke up this afternoon feeling depressed about this, so I went straight to my laptop and fired up the ittelkom website to check my current attendance data. To my surprise, I have fewer absences than the one I saw on the printed attendance sheet (the one we sign on every time we have a class). Then I see a spark of hope: I think the print version of attendance sheet is faulty. Because I remember seeing a negative attendance of one of the students. Here, I took a picture of it about a month ago:

When I took this picture the subject had only been held 13 times (26 hours) but there's someone whose absence is 30 hours. How could someone skip more classes than the actual number of classes ever held? There can be no other explanation, there must be surplus of absence in this sheet of paper. This means the data in Ittelkom website is the right one and I can still do the end-term exam. Fuck Yea!

Meanwhile, I must fix my sleeping pattern as soon as tonight before my old habit sneaks back in.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Where You End And I Start

I tweet,
I am making a script for Levi's Short Movie Competition,
I learnt some motorbike repair skills from a friend,
I will probably take a French course at CCF soon (finally got the motivation, now I just need the money),
I temporarily hate long term relationships,
I threw away the wedding coin that I'd been keeping in my wallet for a very long time,
I crave for money,
I look back to my old unfinished android app project and will probably finish it and sell it in Android Market,
I make some ugly flash animation about MIPS for COA,
I stopped buying cigarettes,
I exercise,
I sleep at night,
I wake up in the morning,
I feel optimistic.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Today is Friday

Today has do you put this indelicately...normal. I had several plans from days before but I didn't do any of them. Instead I just stayed at home watching the 6th season of How I Met Your Mother while listening to my Cirebonese friend talking non-stop about how hardcore it was to live in his kampong, my grandfather's kampong. One of his stories involved a killing of a local prostitute. True story.

Oh man. I should've gone watching Tanda Tanya with k'Wie today. But I totally forgot about it until this early evening, which was raining heavily so I decided to postpone it indefinitely. I don't usually forget about going out with someone but our original plan was to go on Wednesday and she forgot about it, so maybe my subconscious mind was just trying to do some sort of mind revenge and trying to make me forget about it. Meh, let's just go next time kak :p

Aaaaand there's this other plan to go ice skating in PVJ with my classmates, who was also scrapped because we were short on motorbikes. And also, rain.

Seriously, rain, stop it.

But if all is going well, we might gonna do it tomorrow afternoon, but in order to do that we might have to ditch Tekom class. C'mon, Mr.Lecturer, tomorrow is the Holy Saturday, just one day after Jesus died for your sins. For christ sake, let's respect Him and not having any Tekom class tomorrow, a'ight?

Anyway. Another plan was to go on a "culinary night out" with Skie and Anggie (you're such a cool couple, please stay together as long as possible, because the fact that your birthday dates are close to each other makes it a great reason to give us [read: your beloved friends] a double treat. Please!). It doesn't have to be today but it has to be done. Please! It's unfortunate that currently Skie's got a digestion problem, Reja is in the hospital, Bayu and Rico are on their hometown, and Yans, I think, is on fire doing his final project because his girlfriend had just graduated a few days ago. So I guess this culinary night out has to wait until everyone is back to normal.

And oh, there was another unexpected plan. Well, if it's unexpected then it's not really a plan is it? I'll just say that there's an unexpected chance to go out of the house. So, anyway, two days ago, The Sri, my 2nd cousin whom I have not seen for a very long time, came to Bandung to do her graduation ceremony. Ahhh it's so weird to talk with her again, knowing that she's still as pious as she was 8 years ago, while I, let's just say, had been through a lot of changes. So, anyway, she came to Bandung with her sister in law, right. My family and I, plus Teh Sri and her sister in law, went to Gokana Teppan last night. But hey, this post is about today, not yesterday, so,

You see, I think Teh Sri's sister in law has got a crush on me. Well, I might be wrong, but then I don't know how else I could explain the fact that she sent me more than 25 smses in the past 48 hours. And no, my answers weren't enthusiastic at all. Mostly just "iya", "ok", "ujan..", "ada", "bentar lagi nyampe kok", etc. and she keeps sending me messages. Don't get me wrong, it feels good to be needed, but it just doesn't feel right to pretend that you care when you actually don't. So today when my parents asked me to go with Teh Sri and her sister in law to buy a rabbit for Teh Sri's daughter (they went back to their hometown today) I just said no.

That's how I ended up staying at home on this good friday.

I've finished watching the 21st episode of the 6th season of How I Met Your Mother by the way. Phew, what a marathon. Now I can finally do something more productive with my life again.... whaduuuup!!!

Not How I Met Your Mother

So kids, this story started 25 years ago, when I had only been living for three months in Australia. As you know, grandpa got a doctorate scholarship in Latrobe University back then, so all of us decided to move there for some financial reasons. I was reluctant to move because it meant I had to leave my SMA girlfriend, Andriyani. Well, we were naive and stupid so we decided to have a long distance relationship anyway.

When we first arrived there, spring had just started, the weather was still freezing for us who was used to live on the tropic, so I spent most of my time heating my body while blogging in my comfortable room. Yeah, blogging, on was a nice online place to hang around. The people were funny and friendly, just about everything a homesick person needed.

One afternoon, it was on December 2005 I think, I got an email from someone named ndie. I don't mean to brag, but she loved my blog and wanted to chat with me. No, I was serious when I said "I don't mean to brag", because after three years or so I read my blog again and I wanted to throw up for its super alayness and cheesiness and fuckedness. Anyway, we exchanged YM ID and we started to chat.

The first chat was hilarious. I couldn't remember the detail but we talked about a lot of things. Funny thing is, I didn't know that the girl I was chatting with was in fact, a girl. Y'know, "ndie", I thought it stands for Andi or something. Only after the end of that chat season I realized that ndie was a girl.

We chatted on and off for about 2 years. Our topics were ranging from religions to the stupidity of dating. I hadn't got any dibs for her at that time, but she seemed like a cool person. Within these period, I broke up with Andri because as any sensible person would agree, LDR just don't work. She was my first love. It really broke my heart coz y'know, first cut is always the deepest. It got me in a rut for months.

Still within these period, I had a new long distance girlfriend (I know, I know, I was stupid, give me a break, I was only 17 at that time, jeez), Rista. She was living in UK at that time. Well, we both felt like we were in the same situation: living in a country where we didn't belong. My mates used to tell me, "dude, move on, there are girls in Oz too" but no, I was still sooo Indonesian back then that the only thing I wanted was to go back to Indonesia and hang out with my Indonesian friends like I used to do in SMAN 2.

Anyway, after only three of four months I decided to break up with Rista, because I was such a douche.

After that I actually enjoyed living in Australia. The rest is history.

Back to Ndie. We kinda stopped chatting because for some reason my internet connection at home was cut down. But we texted sometimes.

On April 2007, I finally went home to our beloved country. So many things had changed. My neighborhoods had changed a lot. Geger Kalong Girang became so crowded. Daarut Tauhid was bigger than ever. And why the hell am I talking about my neighborhoods? Where was I? Oh, Indri and I were going to meet for the first time.

We met at the third floor of Gramedia. I was wearing a sweat pant, green t-shirt, hat, and sandals. I don't know why I wear THOSE. Seriously, it was weird. Maybe I just wanted to show her that I was indifferent about fashion and I don't care about other people's opinions.

She, on the other hand, put a lot of effort. I don't remember the detail (hey, I'm a man, I'm not supposed to remember details) but she looked pretty in that long dress/i don't know what's the name of that piece of clothing. Seriously, she looked muslimah-ish and stylish at the same time, and great one at that, too. That's one of the things I like about ndie, kids, she always know how to dress well, so well that it never failed to eclipse any other girls around her.

Anyway, we ate on AW (curly fries!) and watched Kala (a great film by the way, kids, if it wasn't for Joko Anwar, I wouldn't be a film director right now). Then bla bla, we went to SMAN 2 sitting under the canopy of the biggest rubber tree (?) on Bandung, like two innocent teenagers that had just been introduced to love for the first time.

You see, kids, universe had created plans for us. Or maybe not. But somehow, my SPMB score wasn't high enough to get me into medical science in Unpad, and somehow I refused to take my second course choice, Civil Engineering in ITB. So I decided to go to STT Telkom instead, where, coincidently, or maybe not, ndie was studying. I got a kostan in there and we were dating like the world was ours.

Now that I think about it, it was one of the happiest days of my life.

I'm not going to tell you the details, kids, you will experience them yourself when you have a boyfriend/girlfriend.

Unfortunately, three and half years later, we had to break up. It was a mutual decision and we thought it would be the best for both of us. It's a hard thing for me to do coz she and I had been through a lot of things. We even planned our marriage, kinda. But yeah, the universe had spoken. Had things ended differently, your name could be Chamomile, and yours, kiddo, would be Nero.

Anyway, a piece of advice, kids, when you're in a relationship, there will be a lot of problems, you might get hurt, or you might hurt your loved one. But no matter what, never ever regret. Because anything, EVERYTHING, that happens to you, good or bad, is the best lesson you will ever get in your life.

And that, kids, is the true story of how I met your aunt Indri.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hi Women.

I've been kinda busy and not in the mood to write anything lately (that doesn't seem unfamiliar, does it). But hey, Kartini Day! Though mostly I don't give a fuck about this day (let's be honest, nobody celebrate it outside facebook or maybe smses), at least I wanna say: Happy Kartini Day!.... in my blog.

I do believe that men and women should be more equal. Sure, women don't have a penis and men don't have boobs (some men DO have boobs, but that's for another story), but other than those sex tools, and one more other thing I'll tell you in the next paragraph, we are basically the same.

The only other thing which we are different is the way we look at other people on the opposite gender. But it's too complicated for me to explain with my lack of ability to create good structured English, and I have no time for this. Let's just say that the way men look at women and the way women look at men is very different. Read The Mating Mind by Geoffrey Miller by the way, he will tell you many things (just.. torrent it or something).

Final words, to all women out there, read this sarcastic lyrics by The Panas Dalam below, and be grateful that you were born as a woman:)

Cita-citaku, ingin menjadi polwan
mana mungkin aku hanya lelaki
oh Tuhan, tolong hamba-Mu
aku tak sudi jadi bapak polwan

Cita-citaku, ingin jadi Bu Ahmad
mana mungkin aku hanya lelaki
oh ibu, jangan paksa aku
aku tak sudi jadi Bapak Ahmad..
Sedih.......Hatiku sedih
terlahir sebagai seorang lelaki
oh Tuhan, tolong hamba-Mu
terlahir sebagai seorang lelaki
oh ibu, jangan paksa aku
ini bukan jaman Siti Nurbaya

Seandainya aku boleh memilih
sebelum dilahirkan
Betapa enak menjadi perempuan
hanya membuka aurat
lelaki bekerja keras untuk mendapatkannya

Cita-citaku, ingin menjadi tomboy
mana mungkin aku hanya lelaki
oh tuhan, tolong hamba-Mu
aku tak sudi jadi lelaki tomboy

Cita-citaku, ingin jadi lesbian
mana mungkin aku hanya lelaki
oh ibu, jangan paksa aku
aku tak sudi menjadi homosex...

Sedih, hatiku sedih
terlahir sebagai seorang lelaki
oh Tuhan, tolong hamba-Mu
terlahir sebagai seorang lelaki
oh ibu, jangan paksa aku
ini bukan jaman Siti Nurbaya

(The Panas Dalam - Cita-citaku | Lyrics by Pidi Baiq)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bila Cinta Tak Indah Bagimu

Aduhai indahnya bercinta, berbeda agama
Aduhai indahnya bercinta, ditolak mertua
Aduhai indahnya bercinta, cemburu selalu
Aduhai indahnya bercinta, bertengkar melulu

Aduhai indahnya bercinta, segitiga cintanya
Aduhai indahnya bercinta, miskin kekasihnya

Aduhai indahnya bercinta, manja kasihnya
Aduhai indahnya bercinta, playboy kekasihnya

Bila cinta tak indah bagimu
Mengapa kau tetap bertahan?
Bila cinta tak indah bagimu
Mengapa kau tetap bertahan?
The Panas Dalam - Bila Cinta Tak Indah Bagimu

The best feel good song after a break up. Pidi Baiq from The Panas Dalam is a genius.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


My friend's friend in Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia once said, "kuliah di sini murah, tapi ujiannya mahal". And last night we'd just watched that very sentence in action. It was the third time we watch a theater show in STSI. Just like usual, it wasn't a professional show, it was just an examination for those who are in the 5th semester of Theater Directorial Study (I just made that name up by the way, I don't know the exact name of the course, let alone the English version).

For outsiders, the examination looked very simple: He (it was an individual examination, only ONE person would get the score) must direct a drama and show it in front of people and the judger/lecturer/whatever.

For him, on the other hand, it meant 3-4 months spent in hell: First he must find the script which he wanted to direct (or he could "just" make one), then he must find the suitable actors (remember that only the director was being tested, the actors were doing it only to help him, voluntarily), he must find the make up artists, the lightning directors, the musicians, the costumes, the props, the foods, and he must bring the them all (including the voluntary actors) to practice almost everyday for at least 2 months. Aaaaaargggghhhh if I was him I would've just made a script with only one character in it, who is naked, and the drama will be completely played in the dark, with no music and a little bit of monolog. And maybe I'll put some badass firecrackers too to make the play a little bit more like an emotional rollercoaster.

By the way, let's get back to last night. So the drama was titled Purgatory (subtitle: Arwah-Arwah). The story was about... well, wait, I had no idea what the story was all about. I mean, the lightning was great, the music was awesomely creepy, the actors were good, the atmosphere was indeed feel like a purgatory (they all put a really good effort in this drama) BUT the dialog, Jesus Christ, I didn't understand what the actors were saying. They were using too much literature-kind of language, it was like going back to year 10 in high school and learning Bahasa Indonesia, the chapter about old literatures, all over again. This kind of language is, for me, almost as bad ad Al4y'5 laN6uaG3.

Sorry for the bad drama, I mean, bad photo, I don't have a decent camera

So I went out feeling kind of a little bit disappointed. Because for me, story is everything. If your dialogs were indecipherable then I'd just assume your story sucks. If your story sucks, you can make a movie with whatever special effect you want, but it will still end up in a trash can just like 2012 and Transformers.

Anyway, it was a great night nevertheless, because after watching that theater show, we went on to HDL Cilaki to eat some seafoods. And boy the fish there was huge. But we could only afford to buy 1 fish, a plate of squids, and a plate of cah kangkung (three dishes for the 9 of us) because this restaurant was freaking expensive(-_-;). It was enough for us though because could eat as much rice as we want and the girls only ate a little so the guys could eat more. And the best part is, one of my friends, let's just say, Parker, just got a new girlfriend. So he paid around 75% of our bill. Congratulation, Parker, I hope your new relationship will last till 75 years!

Btw some of us were acting all Barney-ish last night, which was hila.....wait for it......rious:)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I'm gonna give myself a challenge. All these time I've been writing really,, really slowly. It takes me 1-2 hours to write a regular length post (sometimes it even takes up to 4 freaking hours). Now I'm gonna try to write this post in less than 15 minutes, because I'm in the mood of writing but I need to go to uni soon.

Alright because I haven't think about what I'm gonna write, I'm just gonna write stuff that comes to my mind along the way.

So I've got a class on 7, Artificial Intelligence. Funny, this subject. It used to be my favourite subject before I go to university (I'd always dreamed about learning how to make robots who can joke about your mom). But when I'm actually taking it, it seems duller than what I'd thought before. Well, imagination is always more colorful than reality.

At 9 I'll go to Politeknik Telkom to talk about the possibility of Kerja Praktek (internship? Im not sure if it's the correct English word for it). I really want to do it in another city, like, Jogja. But one of my mates prefer to do it in Bandung so, well, bro code #1b: Bro Before Self. We'll just see if we can get it here in Poltek, I hope we won't get it tho, I really want to go to Jogja.

I'm really looking forward to this internship thingy. Not that I really like working for someone. Really. Working is boring. I worked after I finished high school and before I started university. First, at a pastry factory for a month, and then in a hotel for another three months as a bellboy, and honestly, I don't think I can be in one job for more than 3 months. A thought always come to my mind in one of those boring days: "fuck it, let's just quit and find another job." I hope I can change this in my future life. I should stop getting bored and get a job A.S.A.P, or I better think of really good idea for a business, or else I'm just gonna commit suicide.

But it was MUCH better than sitting inside a classroom though. And the money was good. I got $11 an hour in that pastry factory, and $13 an hour to bring tourists' luggages. For about 6-8 hours a day. I don't know if I can get that much money working as a programmer here in Indonesia. But still, I'd prefer to be a slave right now than being an unemployed university student.

Anyway, yeah, I'm looking forward to this internship thingy, just for the fuck of it.

Ah, 6 am. Let's go to get some education.

Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm nowhere.

Contrary to popular belief, I'm not an ababil. But I don't like to be on one side either. I know, I know, every debater in the world will say you must take a stance to everything or else you're gay. But I totally disagree with that.

The thing is, I don't see this world as black and white. Many people think if something's not black, then it must be white. Moreover, many people don't even realize that they're seeing the world as black and white.

Let's take an example. Erm,, I suck at thinking about examples so let's just take a random thing that comes into my mind aaaaaannnnd GOD. Let's take God for example. Most people on earth believe that God exists. And most genius scientists believe that there's no such thing called God. The atheists say the believers are stupid because they believe in something that cannot be proven true. The believers, in turn, argue that the atheists are idiots because they DON'T believe in something that cannot be proven FALSE. Both sides stand firmly with their own belief, so firm that cyber wars between believers and atheists are still going on right now.

Me? For me, something that cannot be proven true nor false is not something that we should be worry about. Sure, the existence of God (or not) is very important to.. wait, how is that important? No it's not. Our mind as human beings are very limited at the moment. So why be arrogant and say god exists (or doesn't) if you cannot prove it? I'll just be humble and say "I don't know".

Okay, this is heavy. Let's talk about something less godly. What's less godly than god, how about......marriage. Right. In case you don't know, there's been an increasing number of people who oppose marriage lately. They argue that marriage is stupid. It's like walking in to a prison. Life is an adventure, don't limit yourself with an old age tradition called marriage. And the sex. Let's be honest, copulating--wait, let's keep it simple--fucking with the same person for 20 years, is pretty boring. And I agree with them, well, most of them. I do think every relationship has an expiration date.

But then, what the fuck would you do in your life if you don't get married? Sure, traveling around the world with only your backpack could be fun, but what would you do when you get home? Come into your house, walk into your room, take a bath, and sleep on your bed, alone, for the rest of your life?

And how about when you get old? Would you live alone in a little house on a mountain of far far away until you die sitting on your rocking chair? No. I feel much better when there's someone waiting for me at home. So that I can hug someone I love while I'm sleeping, instead of a bantal guling. And I wanna die while hugging someone. Oh how I love hugging. And what about sex? Well, swinger clubs, baby. Seriously, if I can find a girl with a matching personality, I'm sure I can make it beyond the expiration date. We'll go around the world together, raising up children together, having sex with other couples together, and be adventurous together. Sounds too ideal? It is. Because...

The type of girls that I like don't exist. Or maybe they do, I just haven't met any. Problem is, I like independent-yet-submissive-intelligent-fun-loyal-knows-how-to-dress-fashionably-in-public-yet-not-an-attention-seeker-loves-to-talk-yet-a-good-listener-kinky-yet-not-a-bitch kind of girls. I know what you're thinking. But I'm betting all my love life that out of 3 billion girls in the world, some will fit my preferences.

Let's back to the topic. Another example is music. Many normal people out there like to listen to mainstream music. Peterpan, D'Bagindas, D'Masiv, ST12, Maroon Five, you name it. The "cool" people will say those normal people as "shallow". These "cool" people like to listen to music not too many people know exist, like, Sigur Ros, Efek Rumah Kaca, 65 Days of Static, Mars Volta, etc.

I'm also picky at choosing music I listen to. But I don't choose them based on their mainstream-ness level. I like some and I hate some and that's all. I don't care if it's a trash metal or rap or pretentious-pop-rock or whiney love song, if I like it, I like it. That's why my playlist is filled with various artists from Rage Against The Machine to Kangen Band.

picture unrelated

Another simpler example is smoking. I don't know how many times I told smoke-haters out there that smoking is awesome. It's a great stress reliever. No, it's not just a placebo. It does work. Scientifically proven. And it's a good ice breaker too. Yes it increases the probability of getting some types of cancer, but please note when I say "probability", it means no matter how much you smoke, you don't always get cancer. And if you do? big deal. Most Indonesians (that's us) eat too much carbohydrate anyway, if we don't get cancer, we'll get diabetes.

But I also pity those who give their life to an uncontrollable smoking habit. Not that I care about their personal life, no. It's just that.... why smoke a pack of cigarettes a day man? That's just not cool.

I'm running out of example. And, as always, I suck at writing. There's no structure at all, right? Well guess what, I found another example: I suck at writing, but I love writing.

Oh, and I think I'm bi-curious too.

There you go. How I'm stuck in the middle of almost everything. This is why I don't feel like I belong to anywhere. Oh, not even the middle, because sometimes I take a side too. And I change sides. Still, this is not ababil, this is just my way of life, a way to survive the world, or maybe not, coz once in a while I think about suicide too.

I guess I'm just a believer of nothing, and everything, and things in between.


Because every generalization is wrong.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Moko, Karaoke, Break Up, Cigarettes, and Alcohols.

I have not written any journal in the past.. 700 days. Or more. And I don't know, a can of beer made me wanna write one now. I feel awkward tho, I.. I haven't written anything beside Facebook statuses, tweets, smses, and UTS answers since... weeks ago. Anyway,

My friends and I went to Cafe Moko, or also known as Warung Daweung, earlier tonight. I prefer to call it Warung What-The-Fuck-Man-Why-Did-You-Build-A-Cafe-At-Nowhere? because it's located ridiculously high from the sea level, I mean, sooooo high. Seriously, it's like the only warung in Bandung where you can see clouds below you.

There were 13 of us. We rode motorbikes because using a car to get there is a sure way to fuck its engine. The roads were so steep we had to use the lowest gear most of the time, and that's nothing, because just before we arrived at the warung, the road became super rough (no matter what you hometown is, it would be the roughest road you'd ever seen) and did I say steep? so, the mbonceng person (I don't know the english of bonceng and I don't want to think about it at the moment) must get off from the motorcycle, and us the rider must use our two feet to support our bike.

So, we arrived there and ordered some foods. Most of us ordered Kezo Goreng. Yes you read that right. Kezo Goreng. Kezo was derived from the word kejo, which is a Sundanese word that means rice. I know right? Alay's everywhere.

We ordered some warm chocolate too. Which was kinda necessary at that time because it was freezing up there.

The foods weren't that bad, but the chocolate drink was just Susu Kental Manis Coklat I guess, which I didn't like so much because it's 80% percent sugar. Yes it is.

After that, we went outside to see the view of Bandung and "my god it was so amazing! Those lights!!! You can see the entire city!! And it's better than Bukit Bintang because this place is so much higher so you got a much wider view of the city! It's like the view of Bandung, live, in super duper ultra High Definition!" was my first reaction when I see the entire Bandung spread over my puny eyes (I didn's say it out loud of course), but after a few minutes I got bored because I realized this city doesn't have the eiffel tower, the liberty statue, nor any remarkable building. And it's freezing too.

So we decided to call it a trip and went back down to civilizations. Toward the NAV Karaoke, which was fully booked when we arrived there. They would have a vacant room at 12 am, so we waited.

FYI, 4 of us were females. One of them was sick (I mean she got flu, not, like, psycho). Coincidently, in our waiting time, her boyfriend was buying susu murni in Buah Batu. She somehow met him and decided to go home early with him. So there were 12 of us remaining.

One of the other girls followed. She went home with her bf (but this time it wasn't a coincidence. She called her bf to come and pick her home). And then there were 11.

My other two female friends were kinda annoyed by that. And decided to go home too. Leaving us guys chickless. And then there were 9.

I asked my friends (which were all guys now) if they'd been to a karaoke without any female friends, and I was pretty surprised that all of them answered NO., I mean, what the fuck? This is incongruous (okay, I shouldn't have used a big word. Let's keep this blog simple. Let's keep this blog really simple) This is absurd! None of these guys have ever been to a karaoke without at least one girl. This is so wrong. I can't describe the reason why this is wrong right now because like I said before, I just can't be arsed tonight. But this is so wrong.

So we did it anyway. One hour of karaoke without any chick. My friends had just lost their all-dudes-karaoke virginity. It felt good right? It fucking did. Because without any chick around, none of us had to pretend anything. We could sing any motherfucking songs we wanted, with our own honest singing style, using our own honest voice, with a pure intention of screaming it aloud, without trying to impress any chick. Fuck yeah. But that didn't change the fact that I can't sing, though.

And then we went home, to our respective... er,, home. It was 1.30 am. I rode alone across the city. I stopped at an Alfamart, bought a can of beer, and went straight home. I drank the beer. It was 3.00 am. And I wrote this post.

AND OH MAN THIS POST REALLY SUCKS. I just realized that I really really suck at making narrations. I don't have the ability to make a good description of anything. And how I can't be arsed to fix it tonight. Too tired. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe never. Ah I'm just gonna post it and whatever.

And life's good, by the way. I just broke up with my gf a week ago but life's good. Or maybe not. I don't know. I'm not sure if it's really good or I'm just trying to hide the fact that I'm a wreck right now. Well. Maybe. I really don't know. I drink alcohol much this week, so probably I'm not okay. And I've been smoking again since UTS. So ok I'm pretty much fucked up right now. But on the up side: I think I'm not sad, I go out more, and I'm actually looking forward to my future life, which basically means, money.

So life's good. Well I hope it is. Ah. Whatever. Let's sleep.