Sunday, April 10, 2011

Moko, Karaoke, Break Up, Cigarettes, and Alcohols.

I have not written any journal in the past.. 700 days. Or more. And I don't know, a can of beer made me wanna write one now. I feel awkward tho, I.. I haven't written anything beside Facebook statuses, tweets, smses, and UTS answers since... weeks ago. Anyway,

My friends and I went to Cafe Moko, or also known as Warung Daweung, earlier tonight. I prefer to call it Warung What-The-Fuck-Man-Why-Did-You-Build-A-Cafe-At-Nowhere? because it's located ridiculously high from the sea level, I mean, sooooo high. Seriously, it's like the only warung in Bandung where you can see clouds below you.

There were 13 of us. We rode motorbikes because using a car to get there is a sure way to fuck its engine. The roads were so steep we had to use the lowest gear most of the time, and that's nothing, because just before we arrived at the warung, the road became super rough (no matter what you hometown is, it would be the roughest road you'd ever seen) and did I say steep? so, the mbonceng person (I don't know the english of bonceng and I don't want to think about it at the moment) must get off from the motorcycle, and us the rider must use our two feet to support our bike.

So, we arrived there and ordered some foods. Most of us ordered Kezo Goreng. Yes you read that right. Kezo Goreng. Kezo was derived from the word kejo, which is a Sundanese word that means rice. I know right? Alay's everywhere.

We ordered some warm chocolate too. Which was kinda necessary at that time because it was freezing up there.

The foods weren't that bad, but the chocolate drink was just Susu Kental Manis Coklat I guess, which I didn't like so much because it's 80% percent sugar. Yes it is.

After that, we went outside to see the view of Bandung and "my god it was so amazing! Those lights!!! You can see the entire city!! And it's better than Bukit Bintang because this place is so much higher so you got a much wider view of the city! It's like the view of Bandung, live, in super duper ultra High Definition!" was my first reaction when I see the entire Bandung spread over my puny eyes (I didn's say it out loud of course), but after a few minutes I got bored because I realized this city doesn't have the eiffel tower, the liberty statue, nor any remarkable building. And it's freezing too.

So we decided to call it a trip and went back down to civilizations. Toward the NAV Karaoke, which was fully booked when we arrived there. They would have a vacant room at 12 am, so we waited.

FYI, 4 of us were females. One of them was sick (I mean she got flu, not, like, psycho). Coincidently, in our waiting time, her boyfriend was buying susu murni in Buah Batu. She somehow met him and decided to go home early with him. So there were 12 of us remaining.

One of the other girls followed. She went home with her bf (but this time it wasn't a coincidence. She called her bf to come and pick her home). And then there were 11.

My other two female friends were kinda annoyed by that. And decided to go home too. Leaving us guys chickless. And then there were 9.

I asked my friends (which were all guys now) if they'd been to a karaoke without any female friends, and I was pretty surprised that all of them answered NO., I mean, what the fuck? This is incongruous (okay, I shouldn't have used a big word. Let's keep this blog simple. Let's keep this blog really simple) This is absurd! None of these guys have ever been to a karaoke without at least one girl. This is so wrong. I can't describe the reason why this is wrong right now because like I said before, I just can't be arsed tonight. But this is so wrong.

So we did it anyway. One hour of karaoke without any chick. My friends had just lost their all-dudes-karaoke virginity. It felt good right? It fucking did. Because without any chick around, none of us had to pretend anything. We could sing any motherfucking songs we wanted, with our own honest singing style, using our own honest voice, with a pure intention of screaming it aloud, without trying to impress any chick. Fuck yeah. But that didn't change the fact that I can't sing, though.

And then we went home, to our respective... er,, home. It was 1.30 am. I rode alone across the city. I stopped at an Alfamart, bought a can of beer, and went straight home. I drank the beer. It was 3.00 am. And I wrote this post.

AND OH MAN THIS POST REALLY SUCKS. I just realized that I really really suck at making narrations. I don't have the ability to make a good description of anything. And how I can't be arsed to fix it tonight. Too tired. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe never. Ah I'm just gonna post it and whatever.

And life's good, by the way. I just broke up with my gf a week ago but life's good. Or maybe not. I don't know. I'm not sure if it's really good or I'm just trying to hide the fact that I'm a wreck right now. Well. Maybe. I really don't know. I drink alcohol much this week, so probably I'm not okay. And I've been smoking again since UTS. So ok I'm pretty much fucked up right now. But on the up side: I think I'm not sad, I go out more, and I'm actually looking forward to my future life, which basically means, money.

So life's good. Well I hope it is. Ah. Whatever. Let's sleep.

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