Monday, April 25, 2011

Rebounding The Rebound

The night out to Madtari, Braga, and Dapla last Saturday night had almost caused an undesired effect on my future. The night was nothing spectacular, but we went out until 4 am in the morning, which means it had disturbed my newly hard earned sleep pattern. It also means I couldn't get to sleep at the right hour last night, which ultimately made me skip 2 classes this morning. I had already used all my absence allowance for one of these classes, so the fact that I did not come this morning would mean I won't be able to do the End-Term Examination for this particular subject.

The damn butterflies had flapped their wings and tiny winds are building up into a hurricane. I mean seriously, if I have to retake this subject next year I would have to take another additional semester (eleventh semester). That means everything in my later life would be delayed by another 6 months: job, marriage, children, and maybe death (the last one is fine though). I can't let this happen.

I woke up this afternoon feeling depressed about this, so I went straight to my laptop and fired up the ittelkom website to check my current attendance data. To my surprise, I have fewer absences than the one I saw on the printed attendance sheet (the one we sign on every time we have a class). Then I see a spark of hope: I think the print version of attendance sheet is faulty. Because I remember seeing a negative attendance of one of the students. Here, I took a picture of it about a month ago:

When I took this picture the subject had only been held 13 times (26 hours) but there's someone whose absence is 30 hours. How could someone skip more classes than the actual number of classes ever held? There can be no other explanation, there must be surplus of absence in this sheet of paper. This means the data in Ittelkom website is the right one and I can still do the end-term exam. Fuck Yea!

Meanwhile, I must fix my sleeping pattern as soon as tonight before my old habit sneaks back in.


  1. lo lagi dalam misi melakukan almost-everyday writing ya ji?

  2. at the moment, yes. but my writing mood fluctuates a lot. this could be my last post this week, or this month, or this year, or maybe not. i never know myself.