Thursday, April 14, 2011


My friend's friend in Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia once said, "kuliah di sini murah, tapi ujiannya mahal". And last night we'd just watched that very sentence in action. It was the third time we watch a theater show in STSI. Just like usual, it wasn't a professional show, it was just an examination for those who are in the 5th semester of Theater Directorial Study (I just made that name up by the way, I don't know the exact name of the course, let alone the English version).

For outsiders, the examination looked very simple: He (it was an individual examination, only ONE person would get the score) must direct a drama and show it in front of people and the judger/lecturer/whatever.

For him, on the other hand, it meant 3-4 months spent in hell: First he must find the script which he wanted to direct (or he could "just" make one), then he must find the suitable actors (remember that only the director was being tested, the actors were doing it only to help him, voluntarily), he must find the make up artists, the lightning directors, the musicians, the costumes, the props, the foods, and he must bring the them all (including the voluntary actors) to practice almost everyday for at least 2 months. Aaaaaargggghhhh if I was him I would've just made a script with only one character in it, who is naked, and the drama will be completely played in the dark, with no music and a little bit of monolog. And maybe I'll put some badass firecrackers too to make the play a little bit more like an emotional rollercoaster.

By the way, let's get back to last night. So the drama was titled Purgatory (subtitle: Arwah-Arwah). The story was about... well, wait, I had no idea what the story was all about. I mean, the lightning was great, the music was awesomely creepy, the actors were good, the atmosphere was indeed feel like a purgatory (they all put a really good effort in this drama) BUT the dialog, Jesus Christ, I didn't understand what the actors were saying. They were using too much literature-kind of language, it was like going back to year 10 in high school and learning Bahasa Indonesia, the chapter about old literatures, all over again. This kind of language is, for me, almost as bad ad Al4y'5 laN6uaG3.

Sorry for the bad drama, I mean, bad photo, I don't have a decent camera

So I went out feeling kind of a little bit disappointed. Because for me, story is everything. If your dialogs were indecipherable then I'd just assume your story sucks. If your story sucks, you can make a movie with whatever special effect you want, but it will still end up in a trash can just like 2012 and Transformers.

Anyway, it was a great night nevertheless, because after watching that theater show, we went on to HDL Cilaki to eat some seafoods. And boy the fish there was huge. But we could only afford to buy 1 fish, a plate of squids, and a plate of cah kangkung (three dishes for the 9 of us) because this restaurant was freaking expensive(-_-;). It was enough for us though because could eat as much rice as we want and the girls only ate a little so the guys could eat more. And the best part is, one of my friends, let's just say, Parker, just got a new girlfriend. So he paid around 75% of our bill. Congratulation, Parker, I hope your new relationship will last till 75 years!

Btw some of us were acting all Barney-ish last night, which was hila.....wait for it......rious:)

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