Thursday, April 28, 2011


Holy shit! The latest South Park episode is so fucking outrageous! XD

This first episode for Season 15 poked fun at Apple and The Human Centipede film (in case you haven't seen The Human Centipede, it's about a mad scientist who kidnapped three tourists and sew their mouths to each others' butthole, literally). In this case, the mad scientist is Steve Jobs who is trying to make a new prototype for the next Apple's revolutionary new product: HUMANCENTiPad.

"I remember when the first version of the iPad came out, people couldn't believe how easy it was to take their videos, music, and photos, and all their shits, and share it with other people, who could do the same with all their shits. The only thing the iPad couldn't do was walk or read, until now..."

I don't wanna give too much spoilers, if you have a high speed internet connection you can watch it yourself from the South Park official website:, or else you can download it from any torrent website (Filesharing sites like MediaFire won't do).

I'm amazed how Trey Parker and Matt Stone could still create powerful episodes after more than 14 years making the series. Unfortunately, this could be the last season of South Park. I'm still eagerly waiting for whatever sick satires they still have on their sleeves.

And finally, enjoy your stupid iPad, Apple fanboys.

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