Friday, April 22, 2011

Today is Friday

Today has do you put this indelicately...normal. I had several plans from days before but I didn't do any of them. Instead I just stayed at home watching the 6th season of How I Met Your Mother while listening to my Cirebonese friend talking non-stop about how hardcore it was to live in his kampong, my grandfather's kampong. One of his stories involved a killing of a local prostitute. True story.

Oh man. I should've gone watching Tanda Tanya with k'Wie today. But I totally forgot about it until this early evening, which was raining heavily so I decided to postpone it indefinitely. I don't usually forget about going out with someone but our original plan was to go on Wednesday and she forgot about it, so maybe my subconscious mind was just trying to do some sort of mind revenge and trying to make me forget about it. Meh, let's just go next time kak :p

Aaaaand there's this other plan to go ice skating in PVJ with my classmates, who was also scrapped because we were short on motorbikes. And also, rain.

Seriously, rain, stop it.

But if all is going well, we might gonna do it tomorrow afternoon, but in order to do that we might have to ditch Tekom class. C'mon, Mr.Lecturer, tomorrow is the Holy Saturday, just one day after Jesus died for your sins. For christ sake, let's respect Him and not having any Tekom class tomorrow, a'ight?

Anyway. Another plan was to go on a "culinary night out" with Skie and Anggie (you're such a cool couple, please stay together as long as possible, because the fact that your birthday dates are close to each other makes it a great reason to give us [read: your beloved friends] a double treat. Please!). It doesn't have to be today but it has to be done. Please! It's unfortunate that currently Skie's got a digestion problem, Reja is in the hospital, Bayu and Rico are on their hometown, and Yans, I think, is on fire doing his final project because his girlfriend had just graduated a few days ago. So I guess this culinary night out has to wait until everyone is back to normal.

And oh, there was another unexpected plan. Well, if it's unexpected then it's not really a plan is it? I'll just say that there's an unexpected chance to go out of the house. So, anyway, two days ago, The Sri, my 2nd cousin whom I have not seen for a very long time, came to Bandung to do her graduation ceremony. Ahhh it's so weird to talk with her again, knowing that she's still as pious as she was 8 years ago, while I, let's just say, had been through a lot of changes. So, anyway, she came to Bandung with her sister in law, right. My family and I, plus Teh Sri and her sister in law, went to Gokana Teppan last night. But hey, this post is about today, not yesterday, so,

You see, I think Teh Sri's sister in law has got a crush on me. Well, I might be wrong, but then I don't know how else I could explain the fact that she sent me more than 25 smses in the past 48 hours. And no, my answers weren't enthusiastic at all. Mostly just "iya", "ok", "ujan..", "ada", "bentar lagi nyampe kok", etc. and she keeps sending me messages. Don't get me wrong, it feels good to be needed, but it just doesn't feel right to pretend that you care when you actually don't. So today when my parents asked me to go with Teh Sri and her sister in law to buy a rabbit for Teh Sri's daughter (they went back to their hometown today) I just said no.

That's how I ended up staying at home on this good friday.

I've finished watching the 21st episode of the 6th season of How I Met Your Mother by the way. Phew, what a marathon. Now I can finally do something more productive with my life again.... whaduuuup!!!

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