Saturday, October 20, 2012

Goodbye Botsu

Boring. My job as a programmer has been keeping me away from my creativity. Not that I was really creative, but at least I was able to pretend to myself that I was a creative person back then, something that I can't even do anymore today.

Anyway, I have to close this blog. There's nothing to do here. I can't write in an indefinite amount of time. I can only wish that someday I will be able to write again, maybe later, when I don't have any fucking routine at all, and probably in Bahasa Indonesia, because my English is getting so fucking bad right now. 

I want to personally apologize to all the people who went astray to this blog. Search engine can be pretty fucked up sometimes. No, I don't have an explanation for Angka 18. Or Korea Gay Porn. Or the video of Ariel and Luna Maya. Or film monica belucci diperkosa. Or even a good review of sigur ros.

or whatever this shit is supposed to mean
I might write later, in another, less random, theme-guided blog. Later.

So, I guess this is it, Botsu. You've been my inspiration for years. You've literally changed they way I see the world. And I thank your for that, eternally.

Goodbye Botsu.