Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I'm gonna give myself a challenge. All these time I've been writing really,, really slowly. It takes me 1-2 hours to write a regular length post (sometimes it even takes up to 4 freaking hours). Now I'm gonna try to write this post in less than 15 minutes, because I'm in the mood of writing but I need to go to uni soon.

Alright because I haven't think about what I'm gonna write, I'm just gonna write stuff that comes to my mind along the way.

So I've got a class on 7, Artificial Intelligence. Funny, this subject. It used to be my favourite subject before I go to university (I'd always dreamed about learning how to make robots who can joke about your mom). But when I'm actually taking it, it seems duller than what I'd thought before. Well, imagination is always more colorful than reality.

At 9 I'll go to Politeknik Telkom to talk about the possibility of Kerja Praktek (internship? Im not sure if it's the correct English word for it). I really want to do it in another city, like, Jogja. But one of my mates prefer to do it in Bandung so, well, bro code #1b: Bro Before Self. We'll just see if we can get it here in Poltek, I hope we won't get it tho, I really want to go to Jogja.

I'm really looking forward to this internship thingy. Not that I really like working for someone. Really. Working is boring. I worked after I finished high school and before I started university. First, at a pastry factory for a month, and then in a hotel for another three months as a bellboy, and honestly, I don't think I can be in one job for more than 3 months. A thought always come to my mind in one of those boring days: "fuck it, let's just quit and find another job." I hope I can change this in my future life. I should stop getting bored and get a job A.S.A.P, or I better think of really good idea for a business, or else I'm just gonna commit suicide.

But it was MUCH better than sitting inside a classroom though. And the money was good. I got $11 an hour in that pastry factory, and $13 an hour to bring tourists' luggages. For about 6-8 hours a day. I don't know if I can get that much money working as a programmer here in Indonesia. But still, I'd prefer to be a slave right now than being an unemployed university student.

Anyway, yeah, I'm looking forward to this internship thingy, just for the fuck of it.

Ah, 6 am. Let's go to get some education.

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