Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Bluest Orange

"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love" - Dr.Seuss

Ah, love. The craziest thing in the world. How I miss that moment. How I miss waking up in the morning knowing that someone out there is thinking about you. When was the last time I feel that way? Maybe a year and a half ago, I don't know.

Oh fuck. The rain and the cold weather had made me a little melancholic today.

*Shaking head*
*asking for a cigarette from my friend*

Let's talk about something positive. Ah, yeah. Bu H**** accepted me to work as an apprentice at the Rektorat today. Or so I thought. Well, I hope so. I'm not really sure. Today's interview wasn't an interview at all.

ME: "Bu, saya kemarin disms Dika.."
Bu H**** (BHt): "Oh Uzi yaaa"
Me: "Iya bu, Fauzi"
BHt: "Jadi gini, bla bla bla bla, jadi kamu nanti ngerjain bahasa inggrisnya, sekalian ngeliput berita, bisa kan?"
"Insya Allah bu"
"Lho, di CV kamu, kamu nulis agama kamu agnostic, kok insya allah?"
Me: "I..iya, bisa bu"
BHt: Sip, kamu mulai kerja Mei, nanti kita omongin lagi kesepakatan blablablanya ya"
Me: "Ok Bu."
BHt: "Bu XX, ini Uzi yang mau gantiin Dika"
XX: "Oh, iya, Uzi."
Me: "iya, Fauzi bu."
XX: "Uzi aja gpp, lebih enakeun:)"
Me: "I..iya bu mangga terserah ibu aja"
BHt: "Ok, kalo gitu, nanti ibu kontak lagi ya, nomer kamu berapa sih? kemarin ibu coba kontak gak bisa2"
Me: "Oh iya maaf bu sekarang saya ganti pake 3, ini nomernya xxxxxxxxxxxx"
BHt: "Sip:)"
Me: "klo gitu saya permisi dulu ya bu, ada kuliah, makasih bu" (shake hand, move out from the room)
BHt: "Diplonconya nanti ya!"
Me: "Siap bu!"

I came out from that room almost laughing. That was it!? That was "the interview"? I work at the Rektorat now? A reporter? An english Writer for ITT Website? Holy! Call me tacky, call me cheap, whatever, but I feel so happy. I hope I didn't misinterpret the whole thing.

I'm gonna have to write more formally (and grammatically correct) from now on. But hm.. no, not in this blog, this blog is pure gibberish from the beginning and it must stay so until the end of time, I'll just learn to write formal English on my wall, my literal wall in my room. But first, Jarkom assignment. Then COA. BUT, before all those, I'll sleep. Got Mr.D's class tomorrow morning. Goodnight!

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