Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Four things made me go "yay!" today:

1. I learned car driving with my friend today. Yay! Yeah yeah I know a lot of my friends could drive a car when they are 15 or less, but hey, better late than never. I don't know what suddenly gave me the urge to learn it, maybe the little accident last night had made me realize that car is superior than motorbike. It's still a long way to go, but the hardest parts are done (gear, clutch, and gas control). Now I just need to learn to park precisely and then I'll make a car driving license.

2. Google had just replied my complaint about their rejection to my AdSense registration. Before today, I thought the rejection was caused by some racists/hatred posts in this blog, hoho, who am I kidding, they're Google for fuck sake, they are so open minded they won't care about those harmless stuff. The actual cause they told me was a little bit surprising to me: my blog was mostly written in Bahasa Indonesia, and Bahasa Indonesia is not supported by Google AdSense yet, lol. Only after I delete most of my posts that's written in Bahasa Indonesia they'll let me put the AdSense. Meh, not in a million years, mate. So I went to /b/ to find posts about AdSense tips instead. I few minutes later I decided to make a second blog. This second blog will be written completely in English and it will contain stuff that people really care about (unlike this blog which is mostly gibberish). What important stuff? Well, stuff like (copypasta) news, (copypasta) reviews, (copypasta) articles, etc. It's just like Information Retrieval task on my course of study: the mission is to get as much traffic to my blog as possible. And I just knew how to do that. Yay!

3. Dika just sent me an SMS. She wrote: "uji, lupa my nympein psen di bu h****. Bsok dminta nemuin bu H**** ji". Finally I got my first job interview in the last four and a half years yay! Well, it's just an apprenticeship job, but c'mon, a job. If I fail this interview, it's not gonna be a big deal though, because see #2.

4. Last but not least one of my friends just told me that there are magic mushroom in Sawarna Beach (I don't know where exactly Sarwana Beach is, but I know it's a thousand mile closer than Gili Trawangan, where magic mushroom are also sold in public). You see, it's not about mushrooming. I know guys who sell magic mushroom here in Bandung, so if I want to get (legally) trippy I could just contact them. It's about... mushrooming on a beach. Yippe-ki-yay-motherfucker!

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