Thursday, May 3, 2007


I Really Want To Remind You How Happiness Feels But Im Not Sure Know How To Do It.

Hey dream girl, where are you?
It's 11 and I've been waiting for you since 10.
I know I'm too early and I don't know why do I do this.
But hey, where are you?
It's five past eleven.
Should I call you?
I call you then.
Aha.. you say you almost here.
Im panic.
Oh why!
I've been waiting for you so what's this cold sweat!?
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
So I'm just looking at some book.
My eyes are reading them, but my mind isn't.
There you are, there you are.
I don't really believe I'm meeting you.
I wanna scream in felicity.
But the rules in the bookshop prevent me.
I shake your hand.
I don't wanna let it go, but I'm too internally nervous too hold your hand any longer.
Hey, let's go somewhere.
Look at those children! they can sing and play guitar and bass and drum!
I wish you would sing for me again someday.
Uh, what? eat?
Im full.. but I'm having one anyway.
wtf is this? curly fries? damn. how did they make these anyway?.
what? this beer doesn't taste like a beer, it's much better though.
Luv, I want to see you
lol. stop!! why won't your eyes stop moving away
I just want to see you
right, let's watch some movie
the main character has some fucked up sleeping disease
necrolyptic or whatever it is.
sleeping disease, damn right.
are you sleepy hun?
hey, do you realize we are the only one in row E?
I want to hold your hand
I want to hold your hand
I really want to hold your hand
But I'm not sure what would you say if I say that
So I better shut up.
Hey let's go to my old school.
It's big isn't it?
and it's so shady.
you love slim shady don't you?
unfortunately my school is big fat shady.
but I love this place anyway,
and I love the person beside me.
I love you.
and I wish I could hold your hand.


  1. the girl who was beside youMay 26, 2007 at 11:25 PM

    haha... it's like I'm listening to one of The Beatles' song: I wanna hold your haaanddd... :p

    lemme give some advice.
    if you want to hold a girl's hand, like Nike says: just do it.
    dont say anything coz it'll just spoil it all, girls usually don't like it, and finally you won't get anything-even if she actually want to hold your hand too. u get it?

    but remember, you'll have to deal with big risk.
    maybe the hand you want to hold won't touch your hand, but it'll clap you instead.

  2. Spot on. Thanks for the splendid advice.