Friday, January 26, 2007

An Appeal To You

You want me to submit,
I give You my spirit.
You ask me to bow,
I put down my brow.
You tell me to read,
I read loud and clear.
Of hundreds faiths on earth,
I stick on Your path.

Until yesterday.

I heard them chanting Your name,
(psst.. they are killing people).

I heard them preaching peace,
hold on, I SEE them spreading hate!

They taught me to love people,
Um.. okay.. but what's that detonator on your hand?

They told me not to be greedy
Oh what about your four wives, mister?

I just need some time to think so that I can debunk all my doubt

Now, after I've seen all of those mess,
You told me to keep praying?
Luring me with Your Great Paradise,
What do You expect?

Hey, can I ask for a discount?
I have a proposition for You,
Here's the deal:

I will stop praying, I will stop reading The Holy Book, I will stop fasting, I will stop all of these literal worships. But I promise to do good things to people while still remembering Your name.
How's that? If I do that would You let me in when I knock on the heaven's door?

I mean, other people pray, read the Holy Book, fasting, crying in the middle of the night, going to Mecca while paying a huge amount of money to the oil kings, etc. BUT they kill people, they do very-very bad things, they even have multiple wives! And You said You gonna LET them in? Oh My God, where is Your sense of Judgement?

It's not fair! I thought You are The Most Generous. Then why did You ask us to pray to You five times a day? Ok, ok, so we can remember You all the time, is that Your reason? fine. But if people start to focusing on THIS kind of worshipping and start forgetting to do other more important good things, what would You say? And more importantly, what would You want me to do!?

Nevermind, Lord. Im just dead tired from not having a sleep at all yesterday. I apologize for my unashamed rant. I just want You to understand, I still want You. I still need to believe You. But the WORLD just won't let me. Don't worry, I will keep trying. Back me up Okay?

I just want to ask You one thing,
Please don't take my life before we settle this thing, alright?
But if You have to do it, then it's okay (Im just Your slave who can't deny Your fate, innit?)
But then I want to ask You one other thing: on the day of judgement, please do remember that I was a believer.

Thank You God.


  1. I know you're sick of people out there who act the way they shouldn't be.
    I know you're bothered by them who make it hard for you to believe in what you want to believe.
    Fuck them.
    You'd better look at other part of this world. I believe that there's still many people who prefer to keep love instead of hatred in their hearts. Believers who fully believe that they should be generous to others --like their God, like their God command them to be--
    Million 'believers' who do wrong things won't make the belief itself wrong.
    Keep on searching, keep on wandering, but keep your heart opened.
    May God always be with you.

  2. saya gak ngerti maksud kamu nulis ini teh kayak gimana. saya pikir, kamu nulis itu di black box gede yang diisi setan2 yang mungkin lebih menarik hasutannya n bikin kamu njadi nulis itu. sapa tau... moga cepet keluar dari black box!!!

  3. Ngga kok.. dulu waktu gw masih punya internet, waktu gw ngetik postingan ini, gw ngetik di kamar gw.. Kamar gw tuh sering dipake solat ama ortu gw. Adik gw juga sering solat di situ, dia soleh bgt kok anaknya. So.. kynya di kamer gw ga ada setan deh =)

  4. Sadar gak sadar, orang serumah berdoa di kamar tuh buad ngusir setan yang gak ikutan berdoa tuh, hahaha ...