Saturday, June 9, 2007

Minutes to Midnight

Minutes to midnight, literally, many people's birth's gonna be celebrated.
There are 6 billions people in the world, 365 days a year,
More than 16 millions people gonna have their birthday tomorrow.
Some of them celebrate their 1st bday. Some their 2nd. Some their 3rd. So on.
And more than 200,000 people celebrate their 18th.
Let's called them the eightteeners.

They (the eightteeners) will live and inherit the earth for about the next 70 years.
By then, today will be called the past.
It's not that they'll care about the past.
It's not that they'll think back about today.
It's the past that will care about them later.
It's today that will decide what they'll become.
And it's today that will decide what they'll become when they're becoming what they are at the age of 70.

Well of course, by then, they will be old grandmas and grandpas with wringkled skins no matter if today they're some pretty princes or princesses (but that's not what im talkin about, mind you)
It's the way they see life as they live from 19 to 70.
It's about which road they're taking.
It's all decided from today.

So for all the eightteeners,
have a good start!
have a happy birthday!

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