Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Phew.. at last... it's finished. Been online for the last few days. Got something to do that cannot be done without sending bits and bytes through the net. And it couldn't wait.

Phew... haven't been praying for the last few days.

Phew... Someone told me Im going to hell.

Phew... Im scared. The Merciful God is gonna burn me in eternity.

Phew... I just wanna live like I used to be.

Phew... I wanna be a little kid again.

Phew... Please, fuck the truth. Just let me pray again. Just let me cry again in front of you, whoever thou art. It felt great.

Phew.. Im screaming in vain. I guess there's no going back. You won't take back what You've thrown away, will You?

Phew... this is the hundredth time im holding my portable knife this way.

Phew... Someone please call the ambulance... there's gonna be an accident...

Phew... No.. never. You're not worth it. I don't need to do this, you fucking Great Ass.

Phew... Nevermind.

Phew... masuk SSC dulu ah..

1 comment:

  1. truth tentang apa sih? gag ngerti.