Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dumb, Dumber, and Lazy Bums

Holy shit I'm stressed out. Today started okay (a bit cloudy too, which was marvelously mellow), it went even better when Mr.D returned one of our test sheets. My group got a score of 12 (out of 10!) for one of our tests, all because of these sentences (the test was about the condition in Middle East Countries after last month riots, we had to explain why the "vox populi vox dei" can't be applied in the Middle East right now) :

"It is true that people's voice is god voice, but there are so many voices in the Middle East right now, and sometimes those voices conflict each other. So it's like a God with multiple personalities, who fights with itself."

Apparently he liked it so much that he added +2 point to our score. Yippe ki yay!

BUT my other test got only a score of 5 (out of 10) with a huge written message over it: "THIS IS A DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM CLASS", probably because I put too much unrelated bullshits in it.


Wait, above paragraphs were written on Thursday, but I was interrupted by.. I can't remember. Oh, I do now. I was told to translate an article about the National Education Day, which had some quotes by our not so levelheaded Minister of Education, Prof. Dr. Ir. KH. Muhammad Nuh, DEA. Seriously, he said this on the National Education Day speech:

"Kesadaran sebagai makhluk Tuhan Yang Maha Esa akan menumbuhkan nilai transendensi dan nilai keagamaan yang kuat, yang pada gilirannya tumbuh sifat kasih sayang dan toleran saling menghargai dan menghormati  dan menjauhkan diri dari perilaku destruktif dan anarkistis."

Dude, it's National Education day.


I can't stress that enough.

Get an education, Prof. Dr. Ir. KH. Muhammad Nuh, DEA.

I sweated myself translating that article. Not only that article is against my opinion, it's against common sense. Our Minister of Education hasn't got a bloody common sense. It stressed me out.

I took a long breath and told my supervisor: "I don't wanna translate this". Fortunately she said okay. Heh. Thank you. Thank you very much.

The stress didn't end there. On 5 o'clock I had to attend a substitute class for Computer Organization and Architecture. My classmates and I ended up listening to our stupid lecturer complaining about how hard it is to explain the Memory Management chapter, for 80 minutes. Eighty. Fucking. Minutes. We could've used those minutes to read the material ourselves. But instead we had to listen to that bitch blabbering on how stupid he is.

Ah. but the day was saved by another Counter Strike session. No push up punishment this time, because all of us are lazy bums.

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