Monday, May 2, 2011


Hold on, just because the title of this post is "Pigs" doesn't mean this post is about the death of Osama Bin Laden. Sure, he was a fucking pig. He and the Taliban are the symbols of religious extremism in this modern world. If you've read The Kite Runner or A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini you'll know how vicious and evil they are. The death of Osama Bin Laden should be celebrated by every single non-evil person in the world, including you, or else you should be killed too.

Anyway, it's not about that. I'm gonna talk about a card game called "Playing Pigs" (I made that name up, the real name was "Babi-Babian"). Unlike Poker, Playing Pigs is a very simple game that in order to play it you don't need too much wits. Why do I bother writing this? Because on my last post I said I'm gonna write about pigs. Damn, I should stop making stupid promises.

This game can be played by any number of players. First, prepare the deck so that it will only contain [4 x number of players) cards, the number on the card doesn't really matter, but every four cards must have the same number in them (with different suites). Each person will be given 4 random cards. Oh, and every player starts as a human.

One player (any player) then count to three, repeatedly. On each repetition, every player must take any one card from their own hand and put it in front of the player on their right, face down. Each player now has a new card (the one that's given by the player on their left) so now each has four cards again. Repeat that until one of the players got all four cards with the same number in them. When one does, s/he must put the cards in the center of all the players, face up, then touch his/her own nose. The other players must follow him/her (touching their own nose). The latest one to touch his/her nose lose, and will be degraded to a pig, a level one pig.

Then the game starts again with a new round (the pig also plays).

In this game, a pig can talk to a human, but a human can't talk to a pig. If a human makes even the slightest communication with one of the pigs, that human will also be degraded to a pig. So if a pig asks for the time, and a human answer it, say, by saying the current time, or by showing their watch, s/he becomes a pig too.

The game goes on. Just remember that the latest player to touch their nose in each round will be devalued/degraded. A human will be degraded to a level one pig. A level one pig will be degraded to a level two pig. A level two pig will be degraded to a level three pig. And finally, a level three pig will be degraded to... a pig shit.

When someone becomes a pig shit, the game ends. There's no winner, but there's a loser, which is the pig shit.

I know right? This game is hardcore. Never been in my life I play such a heartless game. I played it with Dara, Ines, Adel, Rani, Ipin, Skie, and Choco after a small BBQ night on last Thursday at the back of the Student Center while other students were either watching or playing UNO. Before that, we also play "Thumb Guess", you know what I mean. I aced the thumb guessing game, but on the Playing Pigs game, I became the pig shit.

The pig shit.

Nice jobs, human friends. I'm gonna get ya next time!

On the brighter side, today was my first day at work. Ha. I'm gonna tell about it when I find something interesting. Not today. Nothing much was going on today, except that after I've been in IT Telkom for almost 4 years, I just knew it today that there's a room near the campus clinic where every IT Telkom officials can eat lunch for free. And now that I work with them, I can eat there too :D

Barney's high pitched voice: Aweeesooome!

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