Sunday, May 29, 2011

Breaking The Pattern

From Sunday to Saturday, despite all the assignments that have been nagging to be done, and despite my constant refusal to finish them, it's been an awesome week for me.

Last Sunday, I went to a music festival in Sabuga. Held by Fakultas Hukum Unpad, the event--called Hysteria--brought up some of my favourite artists: D'Cinnamon, The Trees and The Wild, and..wait uppppp.... Efek Rumah Kaca!

That night started kinda bad because my gf was acting sulky. Until about an hour or so, she finally told me the reason behind her sulkiness, which had me laughing out loud, and the awesomeness of the night was back. Thanks Kika, I thought you were just like any other girl who will sulk by some uncontrollable conditions like bad weather or whatever. But you're so fucking full of surprises. Having you is such a bliss.

Anyway, we went there with her younger brother Dio, who also loves Efek Rumah Kaca. We spent the night watching D'Cinnamon (which was surprisingly disappointing), some small bands, 4Peniti (which was surprisingly awesome), some traditional dances, Halmahera (who got a lot of sarcastic praises from the crowd because their performance was too long and the crowd couldn't wait for ERK), Efek Rumah Kaca, and The Trees and The Wild.

Efek Rumah Kaca performance was beautiful, albeit too short. They only played 7 songs, including my personal favourite, Jalang ("karena mereka paling suci, lalu mereka bilang kami jalang, karena kami beda visi, lalu mereka bilang kami jalang"), which had me stood--hand in hand with Kika--in awe. Haha. I felt like watching them in From 2 With Love (my old highschool's pensi).

We didn't watch The Trees and The Wild till the end because it was 00:30 already, I had to go to uni and Kika had to go to kindergarten the next (early) morning. But in the end, that was one of the most enjoyable night I've had in a year or so. Not because of the event itself, but because of the fact that we all enjoyed it.

I spent the next four days either in the City, North Bandung, South Bandung, or home. Whether playing CS with my mates, ngapel to Kika's house, going to another second hand English book store in front of Unpar (and eating Mie Jakarta), some me times, teaching Syifa some origami, and some family stuff. It's basically anything beside uni work.

Something awesome also happened on Friday night. My friends and I got a Guest List (or whatever it's called) to Embassy. Yes, Embassy, that nightclub I've been wanting to go since... I don't know, since I started being galau a few months ago. I've been raised in a religious family, and my friend circle is full of nice people, so I have never been to such place (except for once, loong time ago, but that was a different story). And I finally went there, with other 12 friends (some are my friends, some are my friend's friends, some are straight, some are gay, some are way older than the rest of us, and only one girl).

Earlier that night, my friends and I bought a pseudo-Whisky in a small warung in pasar Dayeuhkolot, because we knew that buying real drinks inside the club is a sure way to put a hole in our wallet. The so called Whisky was really cheap, just Rp65000 for a bottle (I think it was 400ml, or maybe 500ml, I forgot to take note) and the taste wasn't that far off from the real thing. Four of us drank that bottle empty real quick before we entered the building. No it wasn't enough, we should've bought two or even three bottles, but we were thin on money that night, so, meh, we were forced to enjoy the club half drunk.

My first impression to Embassy was... okay. It was bigger than I thought, with lots of sexy high class girls, some DJs, and heart blasting music from the big ass speakers and subwoofers. We sat inside for a while, and when people began to pour onto the floor we just went down with them.

It was a great place. A great experience. But I guess it's just not my cup of tea. Maybe I was just wasn't galau enough to fully enjoy being there. I'm so happy with my life nowadays that dancing to disco music seemed pretty pointless to me. Maybe next time! For now, I'm just gonna enjoy dancing to Lotus Flower.

But hey, like I said, great experience. I might got bored inside there, but I enjoyed the night with you guys. Thanks for the Guest List!

Lastly, Saturday was fun and random! Kika and I went to Winner (the Bratwurst restaurant), a park for old people at Secapa AD (luckily there wasn't any old people kicking us out :-p), Kineruku (to watch Experimentelle Deutsche-Indonesien Musikvideos, a part of Oberhausen International Film Festival), and Ciwalk (to watch... guess what? a movie? discounts for clothes? Wrong you fucking yuppies. We watched Efek Rumah Kaca, again).

Seriously, two Efek Rumah Kaca performances in a week! The latter performance got better songs, better sound, and better crowd. Their personal tweet this afternoon:

"Terima kasih teman2 di Bdg, yg telah menciptakan karaoke massal semalam di ciwalk."

Fuck yeah Efek Rumah Kaca!

Anyway, now it got me thinking, this Saturday we enjoyed two German-related stuff (the Bratwurst and the music video festival) and a park for old people. What the fuck, lol. One of the best days ever.

Speaking of which, it has been the most random week ever. I love every part of it.

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