Monday, May 9, 2011


My mom had just bought a netbook. It's Toshiba. The design is kinda cute (to me), with a bright blue color for its casing. I don't know how that happened. After all, my mom is 46-year-old, her eyes would strain looking at that tiny weeny screen. But, meh, heheh, I forgot to think about that when my family and I bought it yesterday, I was kinda in a hurry, because Kika came along to BEC with me.

She was cool. She wore those funny shoes (I don't know what they're called, kinda like boots, but much smaller, no they're not boots, they're... I don't know, they're like my friend's shoes, Naresh's shoes), and a long skirt, and a sweater, and.. I don't remember. Hey, men rarely remember details. Anyway, her clothing was such old fashioned it could have been worn by Zooey Deschanel.

We went to Reading Lights after that, to talk about.. something (see I can't talk about it because I think she believes that if I talk about it, it's gonna get jinxed). After about three hours of conversation, a glass of chocolate ice cream, a glass of David Sedaris drink (which tasted like Vitamin C), a plate of blueberry pancake, a page of Ms.Word document typed using my broken laptop, Mew, Muse, Radiohead, and other random stuff, we went to Warung Steak on Jalan Setiabudi to.. well, to continue what we're doing that day.

Then we went on to Setiabudi's Circle K to smoke a cigarette or two, before finally went home. Oh, her house was in Lembang, haha, Lembang, at 9.30 PM, it was sure cold, but not for me, I felt warm alright.

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